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Hey there guys! First of all, whats up?

This is my 2nd Challenge and your story has to be a sad one. In the title it says "That make you cry" but I wrote it randomly because u have to enter 12 letters, so it doesn't neccesarily have to make you cry but yeah, it does have to be sad.

There is no limit or maximum of words, it can be as much words as you like, long or short, I do not mind as long as it is sad.

I will decide winner in beginning of July and you can offer prize if u like but only if u say 1 of these words/phrases:

CHEESE....        SMILES....... LALA...... I ROCK....... FUNNY..... LOL..... RANDOM ..... CUTE.... COOL...... BISCUITS..... SWEET..... I AM AWESOME.... JOKEY ME.... or LOVE, LIFE, LAUGHS and that last bit is 1 whole phrase. Say one of those words/phrases after your suggestion on what the winner should get otherwise your suggestion will not be counted. PS there are dots between each word/phrase

ENJOY!!! HAVE FUN WRITING! xx best wishes for your stories and i hope one day if u want to be an author then i hope u'r dream comes true :)

I myself LOVE story writing too and i am such a good one too (not to brag!) but i do not wish to be an author LOL

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Someone do this challenge-please!!!!!
So, the winner is........

Plr1103 !
Well done! You are such a good story writer, no one can defeat you, really!
Your stories are seriously touching, and that Grandma one really touched me and got to me! Well done!
And I hope you have a nice time in these years and I hope you reach to 100 years old soon!
Btw, quick question!: Dya havee any grandchildren?
BTW, just wanted to say, all of your stories were very good! I seriously could not decide between plr1103 and workingoutname, but finally I came to a point, where I decided plr1103 wins!
But well done to you too, workingoutname! :)
lol, thanks, Lolly. =)

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The house she lived in for so many years
Seems empty to me now,
Except for the memories that linger here.

In the kitchen is that special chair
Where my grandmother sat …
But she's no longer there.

I can still see her fetching smile
When I close my eyes
And think about her for a while.

Her laughter, too, was special to hear.
Actually, almost a giggle
Of joy and delight when loved ones were near.

Her hands were knurled and full of pain.
The arthritis ravaged her bones;
But finally she is pain-free once again.

We will miss her each and every day.
But we will never forget her.
She'll live on in our hearts in a special way.

And we can treasure the many things she said,
For each day she'd give a lesson on life
Or share some story she had recently read.

She was thrilled to turn 100 years old
And have her mind as sharp as ever.
She felt that was a gift greater than gold.

"How do you do it?" I heard someone say.
"Keep going with all your pain?"
She replied, "I wake up happy every single day."

She loved to sit on her front porch in the sun,
Or watch the fireworks over the city
After the baseball games were won.

She was proud of the many years
She lived in that house alone, and
Not being able to fix it up was her only fear.

"My mind knows what needs to be done,"
She would frequently say.
"But when your bones don't work, it isn't any fun."

She gave us all lots of words to live by
That she had come to believe.
Like, "No man ever needs to cheat or lie."

Grandma-isms (as I like to call them)
Overflow in my memories now,
For on any occasion she'd be sure to have some.

"There's always a snowstorm on St. Patrick's Day,"
She'd remind me every year.
"So don't be putting your boots away."

I gave her a stocking for Christmas last year
And she said, "Oh, I had a stocking once!"
The story she then told made my eyes fill with tears.

Hard work and struggles made her so strong,
But she never complained about her life.
She'd say that's what kept her going so long.

There is an empty place now in my heart,
And I miss her dreadfully,
But with so many memories, we'll never really be apart.

She often said her mother was waiting up there
To welcome her into Heaven.
And now God has answered her final prayer.

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OK I have wayyy many years, like 59-60 till I am 70! LOL
Yay! You won!!! WELL DONE!
Are you even there? Have you left thinkwrite or something?
You've not been on for a couple of days now, are you OK?
I appreciate your concern, and I know I've been out of the picture, but my precious kitty has been quite ill and I have been doing everything to get him back to good health.  He is only six, much to young for me to think of losing him!  We spent most of yesterday at the vet and I see some improvement today.  He was running a high fever and had some undiagnosed infection.  Ran lots of test, got lots of meds, paid lots of $$$ and am just praying that all will be okay.  I may even end up wiritng about the experience as I get myself cool, calm, and collected again.  And I am very humbled and honored to be named the "winner".  Thanks for that!
You're very welcome for both 1, appreciating for my concern, and 2, for me making you winner.
I hope your kitten gets back to normal, and good health, as soon as.
I was a bit worried, that you have not been on, because I think you're normally on every day, that is why.
And I will also pray for your kitty to get better
And if you do end up writing about it (which I think you will!), good luck, I am excited to hear more from you!
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// First of all, sorry if this is hard to read. I copied and pasted it to here from MS Word and it kind of squished everything together. If you'd like me to seperate the paragraphs better, let me know in the comments and I'll edit my response. Secondly, I changed this quite significantly from how I first wrote it, a couple years ago. So let me know if something isn't making sense!

Silence. Time To Think.

The radio squealed happily, but his body shook with every word. He reached out with his hand and touched the button. The sound of the road rolling under the worn tires filled the car when the radio stopped. As his destination came nearer, he sighed, yawned and stretched; it had been a long day. It would be a longer night. He backed into a parking spot on the edge and turned the key. The tired engine finally died.
Silence at last. Time to think.
He crawled out of the car. The chill of the icy autumn air caught him off guard, and he grabbed at his shoulders to warm them. The gravel on the unpaved ground scrunched loudly under his feet as he strolled to the back of the car. He put his hands in his pockets. He sighed and shrugged to the city.
“What am I going to do?”
His legs let him fall to sit on the edge of the steep drop-off. The lights of the city were bright, white and silvery against the pitch black backdrop of the night sky. If only the sky didn't remind him of her deep blue, almost black eyes that were like marbles. If only she was here; then it would be a perfect night.
More silence. More time to think.
He looked out over the lights and deep into the sky, over the horizon and knew he was looking into her eyes. The eyes like red-hot lasers that could burn through skin when they filled themselves with tears. Eyes like oceans, big and wide, when she was afraid.
It wasn't true, it couldn't be.
“It isn't true,” he told the sky, “It can't be,” he explained, but he knew it was. It had to be.
For a moment, he sat still, starring into the empty sky. It waited for him to make his move.
He had seen her, hadn't he? It couldn’t have been his imagination, could it? There was no way. It had happened, and he had seen her.
“I took her up here so many times,” he whispered. The city listened without a sound, and replied without movement.
Again, silence.
He jumped up and looked out angrily at the city as it calmly replied in its own way, “It's not my fault.”
“It isn't true,” he murmured under his breath, “It can't be,” and even as he said it, he knew the opposite was true, “I saw you.”
He forced himself to sit down again on the edge of the cliff and all was silent, for the city had left him alone.
“What am I supposed to do?” his voice shook.
Silence. Time to think.
“What have I done?” his tone expressed true bewilderment.
“It can't be true,” he lied to himself.
Time to think.
“I won't cry,”
He shivered as his chin touched his knees. In his mind he knew he would have to go home soon, but in his heart he knew he would never call it 'home' again. Not until the memory her laying there on the table had faded from his mind. Not until whoever was responsible was caught.
Slowly, he lay on the cold ground and gazed deeply into the sky. He sighed, and the sky, void of stars once again, offered no encouragement.
“What am I supposed to do?” he questioned the sky.
“Please,” he begged.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
Silence. Time to think.
“It can't be true,” he whimpered helplessly to the sky, “but I saw her.”
He stood up and strolled to the trunk of his car. He slid onto the trunk and heard it creak under his weight. He leaned against the windshield, and knew at once that he couldn't take it. His eyes watered and he pulled his knees up to his chin.
“I won't cry,” he sniffled, “I won't.”
He put his head in his hands and rocked back and forth slowly with steady, silent sobs. His shoulders shook softly and he wished for her to grab him; to hold him and comfort him.
“It can't be true.”
But it was.
“It can't be true.”
He calmed himself and tried to decide what to do. The small droplets of salt water returned to his eyes when he thought about going home. His body shivered, and his mind ignored its needs as he thought. He let his cold hands return to his pockets and remembered his wedding band. His own voice echoed through his head telling her he wouldn't take it off as long as he lived. Now, sitting on the trunk of his tiny red car, he removed it and tossed it around in his hands. He let his fingers roll it around between themselves and smiled. His mind told him to throw it over the edge, but his hands knew better. This wasn't her fault.
Silence. Time to think.
He walked, scrunching the gravel beneath his shoes, back to the front of his car, and opened the door. As he took one last look at the city he knew he wouldn't be back again.
Silence again.
The city and the sky bid him farewell as he crawled into the driver's seat and turned the key in the ignition. His cold fingers twitched on the wheel, and he hit the button on the radio. A calm, peaceful song filled the car. He turned the volume up and was engulfed in the sad delight of the tune. His mind told him to go home, but his heart knew that he couldn't go back. He backed out of his parking space and drove away.

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Very good!
Keep going on with the hard work, and awesome stories!
Keep rocking! Best wishes from me! x :)
This is a great storie ,I think you could keep going with it .Your an Awesome writer
Thank you. :)
True artist I know I'm kinda late but this it touched boyfriend just died so I'm super sad and I can get over kills me becoz I wish he was here to comfort me but he's not so now nobody can comfort me....